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The Great White Sturgeon

White Sturgeon being held in the water by three men.

What is the White Sturgeon?

The white sturgeon is one of the largest and longest-living fish species in North America. It is an iconic species found in the rivers and estuaries of the Pacific Northwest and is an important part of the region’s natural heritage.

Sturgeon can reach lengths of up to 20 feet and weigh up to 1,500 pounds. They are one of the oldest fish species, with some individuals living up to 100 years. Their life span is impressive and so is their size, but the white sturgeon’s most impressive trait is its ability to swim upstream against strong currents.

White sturgeon have large, diamond-shaped heads and long, pointed snouts. They have three rows of bony plates, called scutes, along their backs and sides. They have a long, slender body and a tail that is slightly forked.

What do White Sturgeon eat?

White sturgeon are bottom feeders, meaning they eat small fish, crustaceans, insects, and mollusks. They will also occasionally consume plankton and other small animals they find floating in the water. White sturgeon usually feed in the deeper parts of rivers and estuaries, where there is plenty of food available.

Bait and catching techniques?

One effective method for catching sturgeon is using a technique called “drift fishing,” in which the angler drifts with the current while using a combination of bait and lures. Popular baits include herring, sand crabs, and worms, while lures can include spinners, jigs, and plugs.

Another technique is called “sturgeon jigging” where angler uses a specific type of jig to mimic the sturgeon’s natural prey, this is a popular method for catching sturgeon on the Fraser River.

It is important to note that sturgeon fishing regulations vary depending on the location and season, and it is important to check with local authorities before going fishing. In some areas, catch-and-release or selective harvest regulations may be in place to protect the population of white sturgeon.

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