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If you’re looking to get into sturgeon fishing, you’ll need the right equipment. Sturgeon are large fish that can put up a fight, so having the right gear is essential for a successful outing. Here’s a look at some of the essential sturgeon fishing equipment you’ll need.

Rods & Reels

When it comes to sturgeon fishing, you’ll want a rod and reel that can handle the size and strength of these fish. Look for a rod that is at least 8 feet long and has a heavy action. As for the reel, you’ll want one that can hold at least 200 yards of line and has a good drag system.

Line & Hooks

Line: You’ll need a heavy-duty line that can handle the weight of a sturgeon. Look for a braided line that is at least 130-pound test. This will give you the strength and durability you need to land a sturgeon.

Hooks: You’ll want to use a heavy-duty hook when fishing for sturgeon. Look for a hook that is at least 4/0 in size and has a wide gap. This will help ensure that the hook stays securely in the sturgeon’s mouth.

Bait & Weight

Bait: Sturgeon are bottom feeders, so you’ll want to use bait that is heavy enough to sink to the bottom. Popular baits include herring, eel, and squid.

Weight: You’ll need a weight to help keep your bait on the bottom. Look for a weight that is at least 18 or 20 ounces.

These are just some of the essential pieces of equipment you’ll need for sturgeon fishing. With the right gear, you’ll be ready to take on these powerful fish.

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